Spacious, elevated patio

When these homeowners in Stillwater, MN, needed to replace their aging deck. And they wanted to preserve their backyard view of the woods with its wildlife.

A raised paver patio is a maintenance-free alternataive to an outdoor deck.

Villa Landscapes designed an elevated deck using a VERSA-LOK retaining wall units, going from ground level to 42" tall, as a support for a new patio to replace an old deck. The result was a beautiful, open spacious patio made with Willow Creek Cobblestone pavers that didn't have any barriers, such as a deck railing, to obstruct the view. A contrasting course of river rock was used to create the perfect visual and physical boundary and a space for potted plants.

This raised paver patio is made possible with a VERSA-LOK retaining wall foundation.

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