Home's entrance upgraded

This homeowner in Eden Prairie wanted to freshen up the home's entrance, widen the walkway and make it one level. By removing an extra step and creating a patio using Willow Creek Cobblestone for the new entrance, Villa created a multi-purpose and visually stunning feature to the home.

The homeowner can use the extra space of the patio for entertaining and for access when it is needed. Villa also selected appropriately sized greenery to open up the entry, rock and bark mulch for variety.

Contrasting soldier and sailor paver courses in charcoal to define the walkway and landscaped areas, and a retaining wall planter using the VERSA-LOK retaining wall system defines the exterior.

The result is an extraordinary entrance that is both multi-functional and welcoming plus ultimately providing a safer, more spacious entrance.

A paver patio/entryway creates a space for visiting with friends and neighbors and never needs watering!

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