Circular raised patio raises eyebrows

Villa Landscapes created a beautiful landscape design solution for this Minnesota homeowner. Natural boulder retaining walls help set a 'wow' stage for a circular patio. The circular paving stone patio is further enhanced with a beautiful no-maintenance pergola.

This pergola sets perfectly on top of columns and the seat planter wall created with the VERSA-LOK Standard retaining wall units in Bronze Blend. The patio design uses matching Willow Creek Paving Stones Cobblestone in Bronze Blend, and the patio design is further defined by a border course of pavers in Brown.

Boulder retaining wall and paver patio with pergola.

Seat wall planters made with retaining walls add a measure of safety and places for seating as well as shrubs, perennials and annual flowers.

This circular paver patio is stunning with the colors and contrasting border course of pavers, planter walls, and natural boulders.

The boulder retaining wall serves as a sturdy foundation for the outdoor living space and creates a beautiful slope transition from the new patio to the lawn below. Natural boulders too, are employed around the patio as decorative accents at the ground-level grade.

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