Anatomy of a front-entry makeover

When these homeowners came to Villa Landscapes, they wanted a low- to no-maintenance front yard and also to be able to find their front door without walking through a jungle.

The old concrete walkway was cracked and decrepit. The asphalt driveway had sunk several inches below the garage threshold. The drab concrete stoop could hardly be seen behind the overgrown grass and weeds, and you had to push aside the shrubs just to get to the door.

A weedy, overgrown front entrance is a problem for many homeowners.

Villa Landscapes Designer Andy Lofboom began by removing all the shrubs and plantings and covering the areas with landscape fabric and landscape rock.

Next, stairs were built out across the full width of the stoop using VERSA-LOK retaining wall units. Incorporating angles into the design provided an added dimension. Then Willow Creek Weathered Cobblestone pavers were adhered to the stoop and stairs to give it a whole new look.

Villa Landscapes did a superb design and installation of this new paver front entrance, steps, patio and porch.

A wider paver walkway was installed between the front stoop and driveway. The sunken portion of the driveway was saw-cut and removed. Pavers were extended across the driveway in front of the garage door to add curb appeal and allow for a full paver walkway from the garage to the house.

Upon completion, you could hardly recognize the house from the front. The homeowners were thrilled with their new entryway, which not only made for easier access but gave them a nice gathering spot for entertainment or just relaxing.

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